Community spirit is a key factor behind the work of The Maclean Foundation. A registered Scottish charity, established to make life-long positive impacts on those less fortunate. It was founded in 2022 by Charlie Maclean and his three sons.

The initial focus is to provide people with access to clean water. How do they propose to do this? By generating funds through Charlie’s longstanding connections within the Scotch whisky industry. 

Charlie Maclean and his three sons

1 in 10 people across the globe do not have access to a clean water source and 1 million people die from water related diseases every year. The benefits of clean water are numerous; some obvious – improved hygiene and less disease, some less so – saving time, no longer spending hours each day collecting water, allowing parents to earn an income and children to go to school. 

With the help and generosity of the Scottish distilling community, The Maclean Foundation is creating a unique range of charity bottlings as part of a Whisky for Water campaign. Independently bottling single casks of Scotch whisky to generate funds for clean water projects around the world, starting in Madagascar.

A bottle of whisky on a rock in Scotland


Whisky being poured

The passion for this project all started halfway across the Atlantic.  Already in the process of raising funds for Children 1st and Feedback Madagascar, Lachlan,  Jamie, and Ewan grew the idea behind the foundation. Rowing for 35 days and keeping their spirits buoyant, gave them a unique opportunity to dwell on a deep sense of purpose.

The Maclean Foundation combines Lachlan,  Jamie and Ewan’s adventurous and energetic spirit with Charlie’s vast experience, knowledge, and total love of Scotch whisky.  It seeks to utilise the Scottish distilling community’s resources to support both local and global projects. 

A bottle of whisky in the foreground with people sitting in the background

We are immensely proud of the Macleans and if you’d like to know more, please visit their website; and you can share the community spirit by purchasing one of the releases (first one is sold out but more to follow).