Marketing and Communications Manager


Job Description

Marketing and Communications Manager

Reports to: Business Development Director
Responsible for: Marketing Designer
Key Relationships: All internal stakeholders and external partners such as clients, suppliers, award bodies, press and industry specialists

Purpose of role

  • To develop and implement the Contagious Marketing Strategy and Plan in partnership with our Strategy Director and Business Development Director. This includes an overall approach to curating and promoting our content alongside the consideration of other ways in which we can promote the business (thought leadership, speaking at and attending events, forums and conventions etc).
  • With the Marketing Plan agreed, to take ownership of the successful day to day implementation of all marketing activity, consistently monitoring success and dynamically developing the plan to capture opportunities and deliver improvements.
  • To create through marketing activity a clear and consistent articulation of the Contagious proposition for current and prospective clients, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders.
  • To own, direct and manage all communications channels to make sure that all of our touch points with the outside world are always in the best possible shape and reflect our point of view on the world. This includes our credentials, events, PR, social channels and website.
  • To ensure that our brand positioning is presented consistently and effectively at all stakeholder touchpoints.
  • To support and contribute to the development of Contagious by establishing and maintaining positive relationships with clients, suppliers and the Contagious team to promote a creative, friendly and relaxed working environment.


Developing our communication strategy based on clearly articulated objectives and a defined target audience group, agreed with the Business Development Director across key communication channels: web, social networks, PR, awards, industry events, industry memberships, student mentoring, presentation material.

  • Submit weekly progress reports on all marketing activities to the Business Development Director.
  • Submit quarterly report to the board on progress against the agreed objectives.
  • Manage the process and reporting process for regular client brand impact and satisfaction surveys.


Managing the content and steering the functionality of the Contagious website ensuring it is consistently fresh, up to date and relevant.

Social Networking

Managing and directing social network usage, identifying the most appropriate existing and new channels for Contagious. Working with in-house resources to create and post content. Tracking results and responding accordingly.


Developing a PR strategy and forging strong relationships with appropriate journalists and opinion formers to establish a high-profile voice for Contagious and Heart & Feints by:

  • Identifying and organising specific promotional events, activities and communications.
  • Writing press releases to promote Contagious activity and distributing through appropriate channels.
  • Commissioning thought pieces from industry leaders and promoting them effectively.
  • Reacting to news stories and providing a Contagious opinion.


Planning and implementing an awards strategy, ensuring that submissions are made on time, that there is a Contagious presence at ceremonies and that PR, web and social networks cover wins.

Industry Membership

Identifying and recommending organisations who Contagious should be affiliated with, maintaining membership and ensuring attendance by the right people at key events.

Presentation Materials

Creating and maintaining a suite of materials for use in presentations; writing case studies for every completed project, obtaining client testimonials and approvals.

Skills and Key Competencies

  • Core understanding of the marketing role and how this benefits our business.
  • A highly developed understanding of all communication channels.
  • Creative and strategic intelligence, insight and understanding.
  • Ability to plan and implement social media activity.
  • Team player who is confident in independently rolling out activity to plan.
  • Superb communication skills – both face-to-face and in writing.
  • Evidence of continuous professional development.


  • Experience, either in-house or agency based, in a design/communications role.
  • Experience of developing and implementing marketing strategy.
  • Experience providing direction to and creating alignment in a diverse team in a fast-paced environment.
  • Experience of managing and delivering multiple projects quickly and efficiently.
  • Experience working with media and developing effective relationships with them.
  • Proficient in all relevant industry standard software.
  • A Marketing qualification or the equivalent experience.

If you would like to apply for this position or arrange a quick chat, please contact our HR Manager, Leanne, who will be in touch.

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