Established in 2001, we are a strategically-focused creative branding agency that understands clients’ aims and ambitions.

We call our process Applied Dreaming. We bring together the best minds to build a solid strategic platform, then we use the expertise from our disciplines to produce outstandingly creative and effective work.

Our exceptionally talented teams, which include experts dedicated to graphic design, packaging, digital, motion graphics and environmental interiors, have cemented our reputation as a leading creative agency in the UK for everyone from emerging businesses to global brands.

Anderson House
Breadalbane Street
Edinburgh EH6 5JR
0131 514 4500
The Tannery
48 St Andrew's Square
Glasgow G1 5PP
0141 410 4600

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Applied Dreaming

Conjurers of ideas and manufacturers of dreams – we think ambitiously.

It affects the way we work and the way we behave. It informs our culture and guides our relationships with our clients, suppliers and with each other.

We devise the most creative and robust strategic platform possible – for every project – this is our dreaming. We bring together different talents from each of our disciplines, open our minds and let our imaginations soar. We’re insightful, refreshing and brave. We dream dreams – and then we build them.

Between dreaming and reality is where our expertise is applied. It’s extraordinarily creative and relies on precision, knowledge and experience. We take our understanding of the challenges our clients face and find ways to address them that are smart, efficient and workable – as well as beautiful.

Applied Dreaming engenders respect for individuals and respect for our teams. It allows us to provide an environment that supports unique perspectives and encourages our people to be active knowledge hunters. That mutual respect allows us to work together, combining our skills and talents, to interpret our original thinking into a tangible reality that works efficiently and effectively for our clients. 

It also influences the way we work with our clients. It fuels the unique perspective we bring to their brands, and the demands of their briefs, so we can provide highly innovative and workable solutions. By respecting our clients’ aims and aspirations, and getting under the skin of their brands, we can take them to new and profitable places.

Watch this space for upcoming Applied Dreaming Work in Progress events where we celebrate the creative process and the people behind it.


Past events

Work in progress #3

April 2018 @ Leith Theatre, Edinburgh.

Work in progress #2

February 2017 @ Summerhall, Edinburgh.

Work in progress #1

January 2016 @ The Biscuit Factory, Leith.


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